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Customized Regulatory Compliance and Training Services for Long Term Care and Senior Housing

CLTC Services

To ensure positive clinical outcomes and compliance, Consultants for Long Term Care's professionals will evaluate your services and systems, and recommend ways to improve productivity. Call us at 502-541-1051 to learn more!

  • Resource Materials and Tools - CLTC boasts some of our own copyrighted clinical forms for your use, and we will additionally assist you in identifying other proven resource materials and tools that are applicable to your levels of care and professional disciplines. Please complete the Contact Us form to specify the type of form or system that you need.
  • Mystery Shopping - CLTC's mystery shop services will help you to target the strengths and weaknesses of your own sales and marketing program, or the same for your area competitors.
  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys - Telephone surveys of your clients and web-based reporting of real-time data will provide you with current information to help retain your existing clients and attract new business.
  • Management/Director Interviews, Evaluations and Development - We have worked one-on-one and in group settings to conduct post-hire interviews, evaluate management/director competencies, and further develop and refine the skills needed to excel in these positions.
  • Pre-Survey Analysis - CLTC's professionals will conduct a customized "mock survey" to help you and your staff determine potential areas of noncompliance and opportunities for service improvement.
  • Post-Survey Correction - Our post-survey correction services range from helping you to develop your plan of correction to partnering with your team to implement necessary corrections.
  • System Audits & Development - CLTC has significant experience in auditing and developing numerous clinical and operational systems that directly impact your ability to deliver services.
  • Training - We have trained thousands of long term care and senior housing professionals around the country through customized in-service training programs, discipline-specific courses, interdisciplinary seminars and company-level training sessions.